Manny Frishberg is wise and congenial as an editor. He is diligent and works very well with authors; he’s received rave reviews from every author I’ve sent his way.

— Kevin J. Anderson, publisher, WordFire Press.


Manny is a phenomenal editor. He started by soothing my jittery nerves, and worked with me to make my novel better than I ever thought it could be. He congratulated me where I nailed things and pushed me to do better where I’d gotten complacent with my writing. He never imposed his vision on the book. Quite the opposite, actually. He understood where my story needed to go and pointed me in the right directions where I’d gone astray. At the end of the process, I found that my nerves were unfounded, and that he really wanted to work alongside me to achieve the best possible result. I honestly hope to work with Manny again in the future on sequels to Griffin’s Feather or other projects of mine.

— JT Evans


I had the opportunity to work with Manny on the second novel in a series. He provided an exhaustive and very erudite line edit, which was remarkable for its attention to detail in both fact and style. As I worked my way through the manuscript, Manny answered my questions and was very patient and insightful when I needed clarification or explanation.

It wasn’t the first rodeo for either of us, but I was impressed with his skill and am sure that his efforts made it a far superior book. I would be happy to have another opportunity to work with him again.

Walter H. Hunt

Grand Historian, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts


Manny was recommended to me by an editor that could not get to me as soon as I’d have liked, so I sent him a sample of my work and immediately liked what I got back. I had gone through a couple of other editors whose samples that I got back were way less than satisfactory but Manny’s was the type of editing I was looking for. It was right to the point, and had me asking questions. Manny is very gracious about answering the questions you may have and with his 35 or more years in the writing business, his answers are on the money. Personally, I am a better writer today because of working with Manny. He has edited two books and a short story for me.

I will continue to work with Manny for as long as he is editing books.

-Michael Wigington, author of “The Bloodstone Reckoning”. 


Manny edited my manuscript with both precision and creativity, pointing out various factors and flaws that could be improved and fixed in a variety of formats. He made the main issues stand out clearly, and provided numerous suggestions for ways to deal with them and make the novel all the stronger! I’d love to work with him again.

 — Josh Vogt, author “Enter the Janitor” series